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Beautiful Fat Girl In Aerial Suspension

fat bdsm10 Beautiful Fat Girl In Aerial Suspension

Don’t miss out on this one! It’s killer fat bitch Kelly Shibari in aerial suspension and she’s looking like a true goddess! She has been bounded by a true bondage artist and it shows. I was at the scene and managed to take a set of amazing pictures, which you can find here. I still have wet dreams at night, just thinking about the amazing view. Kelly is the perfect subject for chubby bondage with her curvy body and big juicy tits. There’s more after the clicks!

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The Soft Side Of A True BBW Dominatrix

fat bdsm9 The Soft Side Of A True BBW Dominatrix

That’s me, on the picture, showing my soft side to one of my slaves. She had been a terrific subject that evening and I let go my rigid bbw dominatrix side to show her some good loving. After the rough spanking and bondage she was desperately in need of some close attention and I decided to give her just that. I even got my ass spanked, which was a real turn on for me. I gave her the clit lick of a life time and she came like a tornado in my mouth. Click through to watch our s&m video and as an extra i’m throwing in the part I’m talking about here. Enjoy!

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BBW Tickling

fat bdsm8 BBW Tickling

Today I am letting you in on a very special film I have found. It must be the first one where I saw bbw tickling. Really, where did you see this before? Off course it’s not the only thing in there. It’s a genuine fat bdsm flick where one big chick serves another big beautiful babe. The domme has her slave strapped to the bed in bondage and is doing all sorts of nasty little and big punishments. My guess her sub must’ve been either a bad or a very good girl that day. Check out the rest of it after the click through!

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BBW Dominatrix In Command

fat bdsm5 BBW Dominatrix In Command

BBW dominatrix Bettie Rage is having a blast with her slave couple. She commissioned a boy girl pair and she demanded them to obey her commands. These filthy sluts couldn’t resist the temptation of being under the command of such an all-consuming big bitch and found themselves in a situation where they can’t escape anymore. Bettie is having them wish they never met each other and she is using them to act out her dirtiest fantasies. Do I have your curiosity tickled? Watch the rest after the click!

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Fat Mistress In Total Control

fat bdsm7 Fat Mistress In Total Control

This fat mistress is having a little threesome party today and she isn’t planning on going slow. She found herself two skinny lesbian slaves and she’s having them doing everything she wants. From tribbing to violent clit sucking: it’s all in there. And when they show the slightest form of protest or resistance, their chubby domina is ready with her whip in attack mode. This is ultra kinky lesbo slash fat bdsm stuff and you definitely don’t want to miss out!

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BBW Femdom Rage

fat bdsm6 BBW Femdom Rage

Bettie Rage is really going at it this time. She has found herself a poor skinny man slave and he is having what I would call a bad day. He was complaining about not getting enough action and his fat dominatrix responded to that by strapping on a big dildo belt and prepping him for a session of bbw femdom. I bet he didn’t expect that to happen while he was whining. His mistress is about to penetrate his sorry ass and she isn’t lubing her gear!

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