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Kelly Shibari in Chubby Bondage

fat bdsm2 Kelly Shibari in Chubby Bondage

Tasty fat babe Kelly Shibari is a big fan of everything that’s related to bondage and she was dying to show her skills to the public. She finally got her chance to do so in a photo shoot over at Padded Kink, a brand new bdsm bbw website. The guys got a genuine Shibari master (what’s in a name?) to get real dirty with Kelly and the results are really breath taking. It’s refreshing to see this sort of women in what I like to call chubby bondage, instead of all those skinny bitches. With a real woman like Kelly you can at least enjoy her female curves and when she’s all tied up it’s a real joy for the eyes to watch those ropes defining their lines in her curvy body.

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Great Looking Tits In BBW Bondage

fat bdsm3 Great Looking Tits In BBW Bondage

Our bbw dominatrix knows what she does and she does it well, to say the least. She doesn’t mind her slaves to be skinny, but it’s a sure thing they will get punished for being so. The rounder girls can count on some mercy and are more likely to participate in some form of bbw bondage instead of being tortured. What you see on the sample pic are beautiful big tits in bondage, owned by a gorgeous looking fat babe. She got the special wide ropes treatment by her bbw mistress, because she’s such a pretty girl. The heavy duty nipple clamps are a bit of an extra, since our pretty girl turned out to be a little naughty girl that was asking for some discipline.

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Naughty BBW Spanked

fat bdsm4 Naughty BBW Spanked

Today I have a great scene for you guys and gals. It involves my all-time favorite big cutie Kelly Shibari as a bbw slave and her friend Niki Vile as a cool bbw dominatrix. Together they look like the perfect pair and they act like it too. Niki is dressed in an uber sexy red latex dress and she has her submissive bitch ball gagged and on a leach. The sub is cuffed and swore complete obedience, so you know what you can expect from that one. It’s rough bdsm style and there is a lot of kinky shit involved. This is your chance to enjoy this bbw spanked action, don’t miss out!

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Beautiful Fat Girl In Aerial Suspension

fat bdsm10 Beautiful Fat Girl In Aerial Suspension

Don’t miss out on this one! It’s killer fat bitch Kelly Shibari in aerial suspension and she’s looking like a true goddess! She has been bounded by a true bondage artist and it shows. I was at the scene and managed to take a set of amazing pictures, which you can find here. I still have wet dreams at night, just thinking about the amazing view. Kelly is the perfect subject for chubby bondage with her curvy body and big juicy tits. There’s more after the clicks!

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The Soft Side Of A True BBW Dominatrix

fat bdsm9 The Soft Side Of A True BBW Dominatrix

That’s me, on the picture, showing my soft side to one of my slaves. She had been a terrific subject that evening and I let go my rigid bbw dominatrix side to show her some good loving. After the rough spanking and bondage she was desperately in need of some close attention and I decided to give her just that. I even got my ass spanked, which was a real turn on for me. I gave her the clit lick of a life time and she came like a tornado in my mouth. Click through to watch our s&m video and as an extra i’m throwing in the part I’m talking about here. Enjoy!

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BBW Tickling

fat bdsm8 BBW Tickling

Today I am letting you in on a very special film I have found. It must be the first one where I saw bbw tickling. Really, where did you see this before? Off course it’s not the only thing in there. It’s a genuine fat bdsm flick where one big chick serves another big beautiful babe. The domme has her slave strapped to the bed in bondage and is doing all sorts of nasty little and big punishments. My guess her sub must’ve been either a bad or a very good girl that day. Check out the rest of it after the click through!

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